5 Ways You\’re Shortening Your Dog\’s Life

Your pet dog acts like your best friend and a good companion. You love your dog and give your loyal friend good food and proper care. However, sometimes pet owners make their dog’s life short unknowingly.

To help you avoid commit harm unknowingly to your dog, we are here discussing about 5 acts that are often committed by pet owners.

Letting your pet dog gain more weight – It is true that your dog require food to survive, but giving more amount of food can make your pet overweight. However, it is suggested that a dog must eat only adequate amount of right food. Yes, you should help it eat foods that are perfect for it, like grain free dog food.

If you let your pet to become too fatty, then the dog’s life span will be reduced. Surprised? Yes, these things are surprising. An overweight dog may look cute and adorable, but their health is in danger. Consult with your vet if you want to change the dietary plans of your dog to lose weight. Also, search for branded pet products for your dog.

Neglecting your dog’s canine dental care -Periodontal disease that is gum disease is commonly seen in dogs. Dogs above five years age suffer from gum disease and it happens after bacteria and food accumulate near the gum line and create plague in the animal’s mouth. The formation of oral bacteria can make your pet extremely ill. Your pet can suffer from other diseases, such as infections in the kidneys and heart valve issues.

Not helping it to exercise daily – You may not get time to do exercise regularly. But your dog ought to do exercise every day to live a healthy life. Not only exercise keeps your dog’s weight at a right level, but also gives your pup mental stimulation. Take your dog to a nearby park for playing or for walking. Let your pet to socialize in the park with other dogs.

Exposing your dog to second-hand smoke – Smoking is not only injurious for a person’s health, but also for a pet’s health. Humans suffer from multiple diseases because of smoking cigarettes. Similarly, a canine’s lungs are not able to handle smoke. Indeed, second-hand smoke is very dangerous for your pet’s health and it can cause various ailments, it can increase the risk of cancer too.

Not saving your dog from harmful diseases – Protect your pet dog from flea, heartworm and tick condition. Tiny critters are responsible for spreading several harmful diseases in the dogs. But by applying some preventive options, your vet can save your pet dog.