How To Make A Family Room Pet Friendly?

Those who live with a pet, wish to make their living room pet friendly. Pets are regarded to be family members. Hence, families wish to have upholstery that will not be ruined by the pets as well as are a comfortable space for them to roam around. There are several ways to design a pet friendly family room. For further information you can visit this website for dog obedience training.

Taking care of pet shedding

When you own a dog or a cat that sheds body hair, rugs and fabrics can be chosen in a way that they blend in with the coat color. Area rugs are better choices in a pet friendly living room than wall to wall carpets. These are easier to remove and clean, especially when the pet soils it. One can opt for sofa covers in order to ensure that the furniture upholstery is protected from dirt and scratches that are invariably caused by pets. In order to ensure that the pet behaves himself or herself in the living room, one should opt for puppy obedience training in Brisbane as soon as the puppy is brought in.

Fitting pet beds

Many pet owners spend a lot of time in the living room, watching television, eating meals and entertaining friends. If they wish to have their pets with them who have undergone puppy obedience training, they can get them a pet bed in the living room itself. That will help the pet to feel at home. Puppies tend to sleep a lot and hence, with the pet bed positioned in the living room, they can relax under the watchful eyes of the owner. You can opt for a pet bed with fabrics that are easy to care for and resembles the upholstery of the living room.

Pets as attractions

For those who have a pet bird, one can get a bird cage with stylish design to go along with the décor of the living room. It will surely look tasteful and the pet will become a major attraction feature in the living room. In order to create the right theme one could opt for wild wallpaper themes or color schemes like green and other bright colors to compliment the presence of a pet in the room.

Other pets

When you have animals like hamsters, gerbils or guinea pigs as pets, these can be kept in their cages in the living room which fits with a table. Many can fit the animal under a coffee table which makes the animals an added attraction in the space. One could get the cage fitted along with other storage space that is usually provided below a table in the living room. These are some ways one can add their pets to their living rooms.