How To Sleep When You Have Vampire Cats

Are you having trouble sleeping because you are afraid that you will wake up to a face full of kitty butt? This is a very real fear for any cat owner. The simple solution is to obviously not allow your cat into your bed. Simple, right? Well, not really. This is easy enough on paper, but in reality it is going to be a rather harrowing ordeal that will leave you tired and stressed out if you don’t know exactly how to tackle it. The biggest issue is that cats absolutely love the comfort and warmth that our blankets and pillows give. After all, they love being pampered. If you get into a fight with your cat over who gets the bed, you had better get your sleeping bag out because you’re crashing on the floor that night.

Routine is everything

Short of a snuggle kittie there are several ways in which you can avoid being woken up at sunrise by something purring on your face. Cats are major sticklers to routine. If you have an established sleep and wakeup schedule, you can be sure that your cat will soon get used to it and continue to sleep and wake up at those times even when you don’t anymore. This can be a problem if you used to wake up really early and now prefer to sleep in. The cat won’t understand the change in the routines, so it will continue to wake up at the time you used to rise. This means that you are going to be one very tired panda. You can change this by making sure your cat sleeps at the same time you do and watches you waking up at a new time. After a while, it will realize that the schedule has changed and will settle into a new routine.

Feed them

There are automatic feeders out there that are perfect for catching a few extra z’s on the sly. If you have a snuggle kittie that’s perfect too, but an automatic feeder does the job pretty well. See, cats love breakfast. If they get fed first thing in the morning, they are going to be distracted for a couple of hours at least. Automatic feeders allow you to do this without any trouble at all. As soon as the cat wakes up, the timed feeder deposits kitty kibble into the bowl and your feline companion can go eat her heart out. You’ll be thankful for those extra minutes of sleep you get. Visit this link to find out more pet products.